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Past PAARF Meetings

PAARF typically features two students on the Aging track and encourages group discussion.

Graduate Student Xiaoai Zhao working in the cell culture hood
Graduate Student Xiaoai Zhao working in the cell culture hood.
The current PAARF schedule can be found on the Upcoming Events page.

Upcoming Events

Nov 14, 2023
Audrey Dalgarno, Neretti Lab
A kilobase resolution analysis of the senescent genome reveals novel architectural features supporting
cell cycle arrest and inflammation

Ryan O'Rouke, Huang Lab
Alzheimer’s Disease risk factor BIN1 contributes to autophagy dysfunction in human neurons

Oct 10, 2023
Elif Sengun, Koren Lab
The Role of Cellular Senescence in the Development of Atrial Fibrillation

Robert Hastings, Valdez Lab
The role of neuregulin 1 signaling in aging perisynaptic Schwann cells

Sep 12, 2023
Jiwon Seo, Sedivy Lab
Identifying aged cell types in skeletal muscles.

Deepraj Ghosh, Dawson Lab
Role of aging stromal niche in fibrotic tissues and tumors

Apr 11, 2023
Lauren Fish, Fallon Lab 
The MuSK-BMP Pathway: Implications for Muscle Health in Aging

Myles Bartholomew, Freiman Lab 
Transcriptional Regulation During Prospermatogonial Development and its TAF4b Dependence

Mar 14, 2023
Eugene Lee, Morrow Lab
Endolysosomal dysfunction in tau-associated neurodegenerative diseases

Yajun Liu, Chen Lab
Divergence between Catabolic and Anabolic Senescence Underlies Sex Dimorphism of Osteoarthritis


Feb 14, 2023
Alex Lin-Moore, Hart Lab 
Discovery and identification of novel suppressors of SOD-1-mediated neurodegeneration in C. elegans

Kelsey Babcock, Webb Lab
Defects in quiescent neural stem cells link to impaired adult hippocampal neurogenesis inAlzheimer’s disease


Nov 15, 2023
Max Petersen, Dubielecka-Szczerba Lab
Proximity proteomics of age-related myeloproliferative neoplasm oncoprotein JAK2 V617F describes interactomic shifts affecting metabolism

Sayali Gore, Creton Lab
Calcineurin inhibitors - candidates for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Oct 11, 2022
Jaya Shenoy, Fawzi Lab
Structural studies of ALS- associated protein TDP-43

Jonghwan Lee
Near-lifespan longitudinal tracking of microvascular morphology, topology, and flow in Alzheimer's disease model mice

Sep 13, 2022
Kevin Connolly, Huang Lab
The neuronal effect of CHI3L1 in neuroinflammation & Alzheimer’s Disease

Andrew Howes, Dawson Lab
Spatial and temporal alterations in senescence Associated extracellular matrix prime fibrotic lung niche

Apr 12, 2021
Corrine Hutfilz, Tatar Lab
Diapausing Drosophila melanogaster retain characteristics of cellular quiescence

Doudou Yu, Webb Lab
Single Cell Analysis of the aging female hypothalamus

Mar 8, 2021:
Alexandra D'Ordine, Sedivy/Jogl
Developing inhibitors of the LINE-1 retrotransposon endonuclease domain to target age-associated disease

Treshaun Sutton, Delaney Lab
Repair of modified bases on nucleosome core particles

Feb 8, 2021:
Kaitlyn Hajdarovic, Webb Lab
Aging at the brain-body interface

Dillon Shapiro, Valdez Lab
Optimizing housing conditions to accelerate the translation of research using mouse models of Alzheimer's disease.

Nov 9, 2021:
Jackie Howells, Tatar Lab
The growing problem of dementia: what is to be done? Investigations into the role of the innate immune system in a novel model of tauopathy to determine potential therapeutic targets and diagnostic strategies

Yajun Liu, Chen Lab
A microRNA inflamma-stat regulates sex-specific interleukin 6 homeostasis in knee joint and results in distinct outcomes of cartilage degeneration in male and female miR-transgenic mice.

Oct 12, 2021:
Amy Elias, Kreiling Lab
primiReference: The First Reference for Discernment of primary miRNA Expression in Single-Nucleus Sequencing Data

Anders Ohman, Sanders Lab
Durable Persistence of the Fetal Hepatocyte Phenotype After Liver Cell Transplantation

Sept 14, 2021:
Mukulika Ray, Larschan Lab
ZnFinger Domain Transcription factor-mediated transcript diversity: A story of sex-specific splicing

Amanda Audesse, Webb Lab
Elucidating the metabolic mechanisms that preserve the quiescent neural stem cell pool throughout aging

Apr 13, 2021:
Kelsey Babcock, Webb Lab
Defining adult hippocampal neural stem cell dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease.

Kimberly Abt, Freiman Lab
Understanding how establishment of the ovarian reserve influences female reproductive aging.

Mar 9, 2021:
Corinne Hutfilz, Tatar Lab
Integration of ATAC-seq and RNA-seq to identify regulatory pathways for aging in Drosophila diapause.

Jeremy Horrell, Neretti Lab
Single cell observation of senescent cell genome structure using nanoscale microscopy.

Feb 9, 2021:
Brett Baggett, Koren Lab
Scarring, Inflammation, and Arrhythmia in the Aged Infarcted Heart: The Role of Senescent Fibroblasts.

Jiwon Seo, Sedivy Lab
Detecting various aging markers through Basescope.

Nov 10, 2020:
Kaitlyn Hajdarovic, Webb Lab
Defining cell-type specific transcriptional changes in the aged hypothalamus.

Nick Skvir, Neretti Lab
Deconstructing the Epigenetic Clock.

Oct 13, 2020:
Victoria St. Amand, Reenan Lab
Generating a Drosophila model of TDP-43-mediated ALS-FTD.

Diego Jaime, Fallon Lab
Elucidating the Function of the MuSK-BMP Pathway in Muscle.

Sept 8, 2020:
Max Petersen, Dubielecka-Szczerba Lab
Proximity Dependent Labeling to Characterize Abi-1 in Aging, Inflammation and Bone Marrow Failure.

Alexandra D’Orine, Sedivy/Jogl Lab
Characterization of the LINE-1 retrotransposon endonuclease domain to target age-associated disease.

Apr 14, 2020:
Abigail Brown, Webb Lab
Seq-ing Foxos: Transcriptional and Epigenetic Effects of FOXO3 Pioneer- Factor Activity in Humans.

Mary Tarantino, Delaney Lab
The Effect of Post-Translational Acetylation on Thymine DNA Glycosylase.

Mar 10, 2020:
Max Petersen, Dubielecka-Szczerba Lab
Proximity Dependent Labeling to Characterize Abi-1 in Aging, Inflammation and Bone Marrow Failure.

Feb 11, 2020:
Trent Woodham, Sedivy Lab
Characterization and transcriptomic analysis of cellular senescence in primary human astrocytes.

Amy Elias, Kreiling Lab
Increasing miR-146a Expression with Age - A Potential Modifier of Age- Associated NeuroInflammation and DNA Damage.

Nov 12, 2019:
Brandon Vorrius, Chen Lab
Novel siRNA Delivery System to Target TNF-a for Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Amanda Audesse, Webb Lab
Elucidating the Function of Mitophagy in the Maintenance of Metabolic Stability Throughout Neural Stem Cell Aging.

Oct 8, 2019:
Brett Baggett, Koren Lab
Scarring and Arrhythmia in the Aged Infarcted Heart: The Role of Senescent Fibroblasts.

Jiangtain Chen, Tatar Lab
Aging regulation through nutrient sensing and glycogen metabolism in Drosophila.

Sept 10, 2019:
Meng Feng, Chen Lab
Sonic Hedgehog From Human Osteoarthritic Cartilage-resident Mesenchymal Stem Cells Drives Senescence in Cartilage Aging.

Mukulika Ray, Larschan Lab
A New Link Between Dosage Compensation and Splicing in Drosophila.

Apr 9, 2019:
Megan Gura, Freiman Lab
Green Eggs and TAFs: Dynamic TAF Expression in the Developing Mouse Germline.

Kaitlyn Hajdarovic, Webb Lab
A Novel Model for the Aged Hypothalamus in a Dish: in Search of iPOMC.

Mar 12, 2019:
John Santiago, Rand Lab
Mitochondrial Genotype Alters the Transcriptional Response Profiles of Core Metabolic Pathways in Response to Rapamycin.

Jocelyn Newton, Sedivy and Jogl Labs
The N-terminus of the LINE-1 ORF1 Protein Drives Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation.

Feb 19, 2019:
 Anita Kumar, Lapierre Lab
Nuclear Export, Autophagy, and Aging.

Sun Maybury-Lewis, Webb Lab
Unraveling the Dynamics of Chromatin Networks in Adult Neural Stem Cells.

Apr 10, 2018:    
Abigail Brown (Webb Lab)
Long Live FOXOs: Defining the Direct Targets of Pro-Longevity FOXO Transcription Factors.

Lauren Watts (Zhitkovich Lab)
The Unknown Side of Formaldehyde: A Selective HIFα-Depleting Agent.

Mar 20, 2018:           
Anna Petrashen (Sedivy Lab)
Translational regulation of insulin-like growth factor 1 by MYC.

Arjun Mathur (Reenan Lab)
Double Trouble: Investigation of endogenous double stranded RNA toxicity.

Feb 13, 2018:            
Chathuraka T. Jayasuriya (Dept. of Orthopaedics, RIH)
Potential Role of Osteoarthritis Cartilage Stem Cells in Degenerative Joint Disease.

Amanda Audesse (Webb Lab)
Molecular Regulation of Cell Cycle Arrest in Glioblastoma Multiforme.

Nov 14, 2017:          
Melissa Silvestrini (Lapierre Lab)
A Novel and Conserved Autophagy Activator that Modulates Lifespan.

Erin Kennedy (Delaney Lab)
 The Initiation of Base Excision Repair in Nucleosome Core Particles.

Oct 10, 2017:            
Diego Jaime (Fallon Lab)
The BMP co-receptor MuSK regulates myogenesis.

Jocelyn Newton (Sedivy/Jogl Labs)
Exploring the mechanisms of  LINE-1 inhibition by nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.

Sept 12, 2017: 
Sun Maybury-Lewis (Webb Lab)
Dynamics of chromatin accessibility in neural stem cell activation.

Kevin Murphy (Koren Lab)
Diminished Autophagy Contributes to Aberrant Ca2+ Homeostasis and Arrhythmogenesis in Aging Rabbit Hearts.

Apr. 11, 2017
Wentian Yang (Rhode Island Hospital)
SHP2 regulated endochondral ossification by modulating osteogenic differentiation of hypertrophic chondrocytes.

John Santiago (Rand Lab)
mtDNA Alters the Transcriptional Rapamycin Response in the Drosophila Fat. 

Mar. 14, 2017
Trenton Woodham (Sedivy and Webb Lab)
ATAC on all fronts: Optimization of a state-of-the-art chromatin accessibility assay.

Jackson Taylor (Helfand Lab)
Mechanisms of Lifespan Regulation by Sirt6 in Drosophila melanogaster.

Feb. 14, 2017
Leila Rieder (Larschan Lab)
Chromatin and Gene Expression at the Histone Locus.

Yee Voan Teo (Neretti Lab)
Analysis of cell-free DNA with age

Dec. 13, 2016
Takahiro Ito (Sedivy Lab)
EZHing  Out of Senescence.

Olin Liang (Rhode Island Hospital)
Hematopoiesis in Development and Aging.

Nov. 15, 2016
Kristin Gribble (Marine Biological Laboratory)
Offspring aging is transgenerationally determined by maternal age and diet.

Patrycja Dubielecka-Szczerba (Rhode Island Hospital)
Myeloproliferative neoplasms: a story of the stem cells getting old.

Oct. 25, 2016
Stephanie Post (Tatar Lab)
Distinguishing shared and differential functions of Drosophila insulin-like peptides dilp2 and dilp5 in aging and metabolism.

Anna Petrashen (Sedivy Lab)
The MYC-ing link; convergence of pro-longevity pathways under one regulator.

Apr. 19, 2016 
Marco DeCecco (Sedivy Lab)
LINE-ing up against autoimmunity.  

Aaron Held (Wharton Lab)
Studying Lou Gehrig'sdisease in Drosophila.

Mar. 15, 2016
Jill Kreiling (Sedivy lab)
Age-Associated Deregulation of miRNAs.

Nicole Seah (Lapierre Lab)
Limiting Lipid Secretion Promotes Lipophagy and Longevity. 

Feb 16, 2016
Jason Wood (Helfand Lab)
Sirt4 Regulates Longevity and Metabolism.  

Steven Criscione (Neretti/Sedivy Labs)
The Big Crunch Theory of the Aging Genome.

Apr. 14, 2015
Brian Jones (Helfand lab) 
A somatic piRNA pathway in Drosophila fat body with aging-associated implications.

Stephanie Post (Tatar lab)
A tale of two peptides: Characterizing unique cell signaling of Drosophila insulin-like peptides.

Mar. 17, 2015                           
Emily Kaye (Larschan lab) 
CLAMP versus GAF: Transcription factor competition throughput the genome.

Ashely Webb (Webb lab)
Molecular mechanisms underlying stem cell aging and preservation.

Feb. 17 , 2015
Yannis Savva (Reenen lab)
The RNA editing enigma.

Louis Lapierre (Lapierre lab)
Integration of longevity gene expression and metabolism with lysosomal function.

Apr. 22, 2014
Kun Yang (Chen lab)
microRNA-365 is a potent stimulator of chondrocyte hypertrophy and cartilage aging in mice.

Sara Ortega (Zhitkovich lab)
ATM activation by formaldehyde.

Mar 14, 2014
Brian Jones (Helfand lab)
Characterizing a somatic piRNA pathway in Drosophila fat body with aging-associated implications.

Jason Dobson (Larschan lab) 
X marks the spot: Evolution of Drosophila dosage compensation.

Nov. 19, 2013
Eric Gustafson (Freiman lab)
Stem cell-mediated regulation of male reproductive aging.

Takahiro Ito (Sedivy lab)
Polycomb group protein EZH2: a pivotal regulator in controlling cellular senescence pathways.

Oct. 15, 2013
Nicolas Fawzi (Fawzi lab)
Seeing the molecular details of protein aggregation in degenerative diseases of aging.

Hua Bai (Tatar lab)
TGF-β/Activin as a negative regulator for longevity and muscle autophagy in Drosophila.

Apr. 2, 2013
Xiaoai Zhao (Sedivy lab)
Mechanisms by which c-Myc regulates cellular metabolism and aging.

Wentian Yang (Chen group)
The role of PTPase Shp2  in osteoclasotogenesis and its therapeutic implication.

Feb. 26, 2013
Katherine Grive (Freiman lab) 
Aging of the ovary: transcription vs. chromatin state in premature ovarian senescence.

Kelly Schermerhorn (Delaney lab)
Base excision repair of oxidative DNA damage.

Jan. 22, 2013
Ana Hernandez (Tatar lab)
Immune senescence in the Drosophila malpighian tubule.

Marissa Holmbeck (Rand lab)
Lost in translation: A mitochondrial and nuclear incompatibility results in reduced lifespan and mitochondrial dysfunction in Drosophila.

Dec 18, 2012
Jason Wood (Helfand lab)
Chromatin remodeling during aging and dietary restriction in Drosophila melanogaster.

Nicholas Bellono (Oancea lab)
Solar ultraviolet radiation, human skin, and photoageing.

Nov 20, 2012
Marco De Cecco (Sedivy lab)
Rearrangement of chromatin conformation during replicative senescence of normal human diploid fibroblasts.

Rachel Whitaker (Helfand lab)
Dose-dependent effects of dSir2 over-expression on lifespan in the fruit fly.

Oct 23, 2012
Steven Criscione (Neretti/Sedivy labs)
A computational method to examine epigenetic and expression changes of repetitive elements from high-throughput sequencing data.

Lei Zhu (Rand lab)
Mitochondrion, nuclear genome and diet interactions that alter Drosophila melanogaster lifespan.

Oct. 2, 2012
Jessica Cherry (Larschan lab)
Mechanisms of coordinate gene regulation.

Leroy Cooper (Koren lab)
Age-associated alterations of the pro-arrhythmic substrate and trigger in a rabbit model of cardiac aging.

Apr. 24, 2012
Komudi Singh (Hart lab)
Stress and aging in C. elegans.

Kristin Gribble (Mark Welch lab)
Aging, calorie restriction and sex in rotifers.

Mar. 20, 2012                                              
Hua Bai (Tatar lab)                              
Insulin/IGF signaling regulates longevity through TGF-b/activin in Drosophila.                                           

Jill Kreiling (Sedivy lab)                     
Chromatin remodeling during aging: A tale of two processes.       

Feb. 28, 2012                                               
Yannis Savva (Reenan lab)               
ADAR meets the silencer in aging Drosophila                                           

Catherine Volle (Delaney lab)          
The trouble with triples: ROS-induced DNA damage and its effects on trinucleotide repeat sequences